Acts of Vengeance

Acts of Revenge follows a man named Frank Valera who seeks answers for the murders of his wife and daughter. Undergoing a  personal transformation he becomes a strategist by reading and studying famous  military strategy books. Valera goes on a killing spree to destroy and figure out who ordered the hit on his wife and child.

This was an interesting movie. It was divided into chapters. Each chapter title connected to the events that were about to happen. It follows the classic trope. A person/people the main protagonist loves dearly are taken away and the protagonist goes on a killing spree to get revenge.

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Black Panther

Black Panther demonstrates T’Challa’s voyage upon returning to Africa after his father’s passing. T’Challa must learn how to forgive himself in order to move forward becoming the king Wakanda and its people deserve. When danger strikes putting the whole world and Wakanda in jeopardy, T’Challa must unite with his allies in order to liberate them.

Black Panther was beautifully done. The cinematography was amazing, along with the seamless special effects. One of my favorite scenes is where T’Challa faces off with Killmonger to see who will be the new king of Wakanda. The scene was greatly executed. The choreographed fight in the water was made better with the intense water splashing.

American Horror Story


“American Horror Story”  or AHS is a series that focuses on a certain theme for each of the season. All the seasons tell a new story but interwinds with previous tales. The majority of the actors return to be able to play new characters. A cool aspect of this show is that you do not have to watch all the seasons to understand the stories.

The creators of the series throw it out of the park with their creativity.  Every episode pulls you in and creates  an atmosphere of suspense. The show contains mature themes that may not be suitable for some viewers. AHS The Coven was in my opinion the best season yet.  The special effects are simple in The Coven but none the less effective.
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The Office Season 1

“The Office” is a quirky comedy takes place in …….. you guessed it an office in a paper company. Michael Scott  the boss who comes off  as bit lonely and desperate to maintain a good relationship with his employees. Dwight who believes he is better than his fellow co-workers. Jim is the mellow office guy. Pam is the helpful and reasonable secretary. These misfits create their rag tag of a family.

The first season is mostly the audience getting to know the main protagonists. It starts up a bit slow but picks up the pace. The audience can see themselves in the characters. It is a good binge for the weekend.

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Black Mirror

“Black Mirror” is a series with around 5 stand alone episodes per season produced by different directors. All directors have different visions and methods to approach the audience. Many of the episodes are set in future dystopias  revolving  around technology.

What I like most about the series is how you do not need to watch the seasons or episodes in chronological order. Stand alone episodes allow the viewer to sit down to enjoy the show without having to invest a large portion of their time. At times the realistic accuracy of these installments can be a bit off putting.

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Criminal Minds

This series follows the professional  lives of the behavioral analysis unit (BAU). These individuals fight to rid the world of those who do harm to the innocent. With episodes  that will leave you baffled on how an individual could be so twisted.

The show is a great binge on Netflix. The episodes have well written stories. One can identify with the character on screen. As the seasons progress you can see how their daily jobs  take a toll on their personal lives as well. Just how much attempting to make the world a better place wears them out. The episodes are intense, heart-racing, and suspenseful.

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