Criminal Minds

This series follows the professional  lives of the behavioral analysis unit (BAU). These individuals fight to rid the world of those who do harm to the innocent. With episodes  that will leave you baffled on how an individual could be so twisted.

The show is a great binge on Netflix. The episodes have well written stories. One can identify with the character on screen. As the seasons progress you can see how their daily jobs  take a toll on their personal lives as well. Just how much attempting to make the world a better place wears them out. The episodes are intense, heart-racing, and suspenseful.

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Sherlock (2010)

This modern spin on the famous detective stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, begins when war veteran Dr. John Watson returns home from Afghanistan. Watson then meets the astute but arrogant Sherlock Holmes after Holmes is contacted as a consultant for the Scotland Yard posts an add seeking a roommate. Soon after Watson moves  into the Baker St apartment he is dragged into a world of mystery solving that is only the beginning.

This is an excellent executed series. It gives a hit of modernity to the classic mystery tales by Sir Arthur  Conan Doyle. The episodes completely suck you in, leaving you at the edge of your seat for the most part.  It incorporated the classics items from the stories like the deerstalker and the famous 211b Backer ST.

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Harlan Coben’s : Safe

Tom Delaney a surgeon who’s wife Rachel has passed a year ago struggles to find the balance to raise his two daughters. Tom enters a fairly new relationship with Sophie who is a police detective. Tom and his family seem to be doing all right considering Rachel’s passing. Being supported by their friends and neighbors in their gated community. But as Tom’s older daughter Jenny Delaney goes missing he calls for Sophie’s aid. Little do they know that Jenny’s disappearance was opening a can of worms that should have stayed closed.

This series does a good job at keeping you at the edge of your chair. As the episodes progress you think you know what will happen next but continue to be surprised.  Director  Michael C. Hall does a great job  at bringing Harlan Coben’s story to the silver screen. You may think you know where Jenny is , but the show establishes twists and turns and executes them well. The ending was a bit disappointing but never the less the tension between the actors is felt through the screen.

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