The Office Season 1

“The Office” is a quirky comedy takes place in …….. you guessed it an office in a paper company. Michael Scott  the boss who comes off  as bit lonely and desperate to maintain a good relationship with his employees. Dwight who believes he is better than his fellow co-workers. Jim is the mellow office guy. Pam is the helpful and reasonable secretary. These misfits create their rag tag of a family.

The first season is mostly the audience getting to know the main protagonists. It starts up a bit slow but picks up the pace. The audience can see themselves in the characters. It is a good binge for the weekend.

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On My Block

On My Block tells a coming of age story of four best friends, Monse,  Jamal, Ruby, and Cesar. Their journey traveling through the ups and down of high school. As well as meeting new people, the blossoming of new relationships, and learning how to adapt to young adulthood.

I related to this show quite a bit. With the whole ordeal that everyone thinks the friends they have now will last forever. This is almost never the case people have fallouts, grow apart, or just completely fall out of contact. Another aspect that I related to in the series was finding the balance between school, friends, family, and for myself.

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