Acts of Vengeance

Acts of Revenge follows a man named Frank Valera who seeks answers for the murders of his wife and daughter. Undergoing a  personal transformation he becomes a strategist by reading and studying famous  military strategy books. Valera goes on a killing spree to destroy and figure out who ordered the hit on his wife and child.

This was an interesting movie. It was divided into chapters. Each chapter title connected to the events that were about to happen. It follows the classic trope. A person/people the main protagonist loves dearly are taken away and the protagonist goes on a killing spree to get revenge.

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Black Panther

Black Panther demonstrates T’Challa’s voyage upon returning to Africa after his father’s passing. T’Challa must learn how to forgive himself in order to move forward becoming the king Wakanda and its people deserve. When danger strikes putting the whole world and Wakanda in jeopardy, T’Challa must unite with his allies in order to liberate them.

Black Panther was beautifully done. The cinematography was amazing, along with the seamless special effects. One of my favorite scenes is where T’Challa faces off with Killmonger to see who will be the new king of Wakanda. The scene was greatly executed. The choreographed fight in the water was made better with the intense water splashing.

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok is Thor’s journey to escape a deadly underground fighting colosseum. Thor must escape to be able to travel back home to save Asgard from his sister Hela.  With the help from Valkyrie, Hulk/Bruce Banner and friends he made along the way, they find a way to return to  liberate Asgard from Hela’s hold.

In comparison to the other Thor movies this one felt more lighthearted. Taika Waititi really but his own spin and was able to create a “new” Thor so to speak. I really liked this movie. The soundtrack was epic. My favorite scene is when Thor is coming down from the sky in the final battle with Thunder by AC/DC playing in the background.

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